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The Pole offers you a wide range of pole dance accessories: choose the one that best suits your needs and customize your pole dance experience…100% The Pole!

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Interchangeable podium pole whit rubber finish, for both static and spinning use. Insert for easy assembly mounting. 45 mm or 51 mm diameter. LENGTH OF THE POLE: 280 cm (2x140 cm) for black color 45 mm and 51 mm, and for gray color 51 mm, 300 cm (2x150 cm) for gray color 45 mm. Available finishes: matte grey or black with a special UltraGrip2™ coating...

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Stabilizing ballasts for Pole Hive podiums (all models) to improve the stabilty.

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A rapid positioning device for pole dance poles that considerably reduces the risk of the pole falling in case of sudden decrease of friction. Available in paintable stainless steel or iron.

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Created in 3D technology to adapt to any ceiling’s angle (with a maximum of 30°), it allows the installation of all the OnlyOne Poles even in environments with sloped and vaulted ceilings.

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A rapid positioning device for removable poles.

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A removable pad designed to avoid damages on wood or other flooring.   Compatible with: OnlyOne Static poles, OnlyOne Spinning poles

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The Total Pole System consists of a steel trellis that can be installed directly on the OnlyOne™ Spinning poles. May also be used with complementary equipment. COMPATIBLE WITH: OnlyOne™ Quickspin™ pole with GeckoGrip™ coating and 45 mm of diameter.

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The most transportable and fun personal trainer in the world. Now you’ll be able to keep fit with easy daily exercises, wherever you may be, thanks to its gyroscopic technology that both relaxes and trains.

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The answer for custom freestanding poles: a floor graft for removable poles. INSTALLATION: inside the floor ATTENTION: the PoleCartridge™ is compatible only with the poles of the podiums equipped by QuickSpin™.

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Cut on measure, maximum 300 cm long, indivisible pole (one-piece pole), for both static and spinning use with key supplied, GeckoGrip™ coating available in two color options: shiny white and shiny black in 45 mm of diameter. COMPATIBLE WITH: all Pole Hive Podiums  ASSEMBLY OF THE POLE: to insert without keys. THE PRODUCT IS NOT FITTED WITH THE QUICKSPIN™...

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Made to measure pole, GeckoGrip™ coating available in two colour options: shiny white and shiny black in 40 mm or 45 mm of diameter. pole length: 300 cm (2 pieces of 150cm), for both static and spinning use with key supplied.  COMPATIBLE WITH: all Pole Hive Podiums ASSEMBLY OF THE POLE ON THE PODIUM: to insert without keys. THE PRODUCT IS NOT FITTED WITH...

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