Among the promoted products you will also find products called "Second Chance".
What is a "Second Chance" product?
As everyone knows, to correct some aesthetic imperfection in a product involves the same use of resources as making it, which is why we offer our customers a more environmentally friendly approach to products.
"Second Chance" products are discounted precisely because they have purely aesthetic defects, i.e. imperfections that do not reduce performance and do not affect the warranty, an opportunity to purchase a ThePole product at favourable conditions: an opportunity that is good for you and good for the Planet.

WARNING: Before being put on sale, these products are subjected to a selection by our staff and packaged until the moment of the preparation of the order: because of this, it is not possible to ask for photos of the product that will be shipped.

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Tangram Mat

Safety mat for pole dance for both pole and podium. THICKNESS: 16 cm (6,30") or 10 cm (6,93"). COATING: Carbon look, water repellent, does not retain pressure marks. COMPONABLE FOR DIFFERENT MODES...

€286.89 €229.51