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The Spider Slacklines OUTDOOR Kit, 100% Made in Italy, will allow you to practice slacklining even when there are no trees available. This slackline is designed to be used outdoors, on any kind of ground, like grass, soil, gravel, sand and even snow. 

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Slim, strong, easy to set up and carry - our SLACKHOUSE 3.0 has all these features! Finally, you can use your slackline in your house, in a gym or at school. Forget about the weather outside! Now you can set up your Spider Slackline indoor kit wherever you want. Compatible with all the Spider Slacklines.

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This innovative 4-meter long slackrack can be adjusted to 2 different heights (30 or 50 cm). Thanks to the comfortable wood stands, you can prepare yourself acquiring the right position before starting to slackline. Perfect for gyms, schools, showrooms or for your home. Slackline included.

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INDOOR KIT for fixing slackline to the wall Kit for set up a slackline in gym, school or at home. Material: steel plate with rounded edges; Sizes: SINGLE plate 30x5x1,5 cm, DOUBLE plate 45x5x1,5 cm; Set up requirements: concrete wall or floor, suitable for fixing expansion bolts; Compatibility: all standard ratchets for 50 mm webbing; Content: Ø12 mm...

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