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Pole Dance Pole with floor cartridge, without anchoring to a ceiling, spin and static with QuickSpin system. POLE COATINGS AND DIAMETERS: GeckoGrip white or black, 40 mm or 45 mm diameter, 300 cm long (2x150cm). 100% stainless steel, 45 mm diameter, 280 cm long (2x140cm). UltraGrip (rubber-coated pole) light gray or black, diameter 45 mm or 51 mm, 280 cm...

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The answer for custom freestanding poles: a floor graft for removable poles. INSTALLATION: inside the floor ATTENTION: the PoleCartridge™ is compatible only with the poles of the podiums equipped by QuickSpin™.

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Interchangeable podium pole whit rubber finish, for both static and spinning use. Insert for easy assembly mounting. 45 mm or 51 mm diameter. LENGTH OF THE POLE: 280 cm (2x140 cm) for black color 45 mm and 51 mm, and for gray color 51 mm, 300 cm (2x150 cm) for gray color 45 mm. Available finishes: matte grey or black with a special UltraGrip2™ coating...

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Made to measure, GeckoGrip™ coating available in two colour options: shiny white and shiny black in 40 mm or 45 mm of diameter, pole length: 300 cm (2 pieces of 150cm), for both static and spinning use with the QuickSpin™ system, adjustable speed. COMPATIBLE WITH: Pole Hive Podium and Polecartridge system ASSEMBLY OF THE POLE ON THE PODIUM: to insert...

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100% stainless steel podium pole with QuickSpin™ system, 280 cm long, mirror-like surfacing, 45 mm diameter. Compatible with : Pole Hive Podium™ and PoleCartridge™ WARNING: the podium is not included with the purchase of this product.

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