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Pole Tamer: for impeccable cleaning of your pole. ✓   Antibacterial effect✓   Advanced fabric technology for an unmatched clean✓   Works on every pole finish✓   Removes unwanted residue from the skin✓   Practical wrist band for letting you climb with free hands✓   Perfectly removes greasy residues✓   Pour rubbing alcohol over the PoleTamer for a squeky...

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ThePoleCleaner is a detergent with quaternary ammonium (an antibacterial agent used against COVID-19) suitable for sanitising and cleaning GeckoGrip-coated and INOX stainless steel poles without ruining the surface. br />HOW DOES IT WORK: spray generously onto a microfibre cloth and rub over the surface to be disinfected. No rinsing required. 500 ml -...

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