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TePee Pole

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Pole Covering

TePee pole for Pole Dance, spin and static with QuickSpin system.

GeckoGrip: glossy white or glossy black, 45 mm diameter, 450 cm long (3x150cm).
Inox: 100% stainless steel, diameter 45 mm, long 450 cm (3x150cm).
UltraGrip: (rubber pole) light gray or black, diameter 51 mm, long 450 cm (3x150cm).

With the TePee T-System: anchoring the cables with relative ratchets and carabiners. Everything you need to anchor the pole is included.

To install the TePee pole inside, the ceiling must be at least 500 cm high.

Must have accessories


Polipole - Shake and Grip - liquid grip

Polipole - Shake and Grip - liquid grip


Innovation in the world of Pole Dance

The TePee Pole for professional pole dance is a system that allows Pole Dance to be practised with a pole of up to 450 cm in length without being anchored to the ceiling thanks to an exclusive cable hook system called the TePee T-System.

Already used by the best performers worldwide, the materials used in construction and its characteristics guarantee utmost reliability and long-lasting performance; the disks and central joint are made in aeronautical aluminium.


Easy to transport

The TePee Pole has been designed to be light for ease of transport and also compatible with loading in aircraft holds, as it is made up of only three main parts:

  • The base with the QuickSpin system:

15 cm in diameter, approximately 1.5 kg in weight.

  • The Pole

Three 150-cm sections with 2 PRO connectors, approximately 14 kg in weight.

  • The T-System

Composed of a 1-metre bar with shackles for cable connection, a GRID tip, the Pole&Silk pin, four steel cables of 4 mm in diameter, four ratchets and four karabiners, overall weigh approximately 6 kg.

The TePee Pole can also be used with just two pole sections.


The TePee Pole is available with the following coatings, diameters and lengths:


Colour: glossy white or glossy black.
Diameter: 45 mm.
Height: 450 cm (3 x 150 cm).
The GeckoGrip coating is a manufacturing process that coats the ThePole poles, made from specially prepared steel tubes, with plastic molecules that have extraordinary characteristics: NICKEL-FREE: being nickel-free, this spinning pole for pole dance and pole fitness is recommended for all pole dance performers, as well as for gyms and fitness clubs to guarantee extreme safety to proper clients. EXCEPTIONAL GRIP: thanks to a special micro-fusion formula, this spinning pole for pole dance guarantees a truly exceptional grip that reduces the fatigue of the adductor muscles as well as hand and thumb tendons. SAFE TO USE: should the GeckoGrip coating acquire small cuts or marks with time, it will never become dangerous to your skin, unlike the classic chrome coating, which can peel off and hurt you. DOES NOT STAIN: this special coating has been studied in order to not stain hands, unlike other types of coating. DOES NOT WEAR OUT WITH USE.


Colour: Steel.
Diameter: 45 mm.
Height: 450 cm (3 x 150 cm).
PIt offers a grip which lies mid-way between standard chromed poles and poles with GeckoGrip finish. It is ideal for those used to carrying out movements that include frequent drops, and for those preparing for performances or competitions.These mirror-polished dance poles are beautiful to look at and safe to use. Since they are made entirely of certified stainless steel, there is no risk that the coating peels off becoming sharp and dangerous. Please be informed that unlike the GeckoGrip dance poles, the stainless steel poles, along with the chrome-plated dance poles, contain nickel. Therefore, we suggest you to check personal allergies before use.


Colour: light grey or black.
Diameter: 51 mm.
Height: 450 cm (3 x 150 cm)
The UltraGrip2 pole for pole dance boasts a considerably superior grip than any other dance pole can offer. Invincible when you use stage costumes or pole dance apparel, the UltraGrip2 pole for pole dance guarantees an extraordinary grip in any conditions.

In fact, this exceptional grip ensures supreme adhesion even to fabrics. The UltraGrip2 special manufacturing process guarantees the coating’s durability and reliability incomparable to other similar dance pole finishes. The pole with UltraGrip coating stands out for its exclusive layering process applied directly to the metal, which prevents slipping.

The TePee T-System

The TePee T-System is designed and produced by ThePole to allow you to connect cables and use a Pole Dance Pole of up to 450 cm in length without anchoring it to the ceiling. The TePee T-System is simply inserted into the upper tip of the pole and is made up of: a 1-metre bar with shackles for cable connection, a GRID tip, the Pole&Silk pin, four steel cables of 4 mm in diameter and 5 metres long, four ratchets and four karabiners.

It is possible to anchor the cables (complete with ratchets) to trees, fences, cement blocks of at least 200 kg in weight, and even car tyres. Recommended cable tension of maximum 200 kg per cable.

Unlike classic Chinese poles, the innovative T-System connection system allows for more space for movement on the upper part of the pole and leaves the forward line of sight free of cables.

The TePee T-System is also set-up for connecting the Kit Pole&Silk (to be purchased separately), allowing you to use aerial silks with the pole.

ATTENTION! The TePee T-System is compatible exclusively with ThePole poles.

QuickSpin Torx system

Fitted with the brand-new QuickSpin TORX system: This is the most rapid fitting system in the world. A locking/unlocking system which allows for switching the pole from static to spin and vice-versa with a simple gesture, in one click, without the use of keys or other equipment. QuickSpin Torx can resist forces of more than 25 times those of the previous model. The special connection profile allows the system to operate even with slight misalignments between bases. The functioning of the QuickSpin Torx does not require springs or gears, and is therefore guaranteed for thousands of cycles, even if used under pressure.


Data sheet

Pole type
Pole Covering
100% INOX (stainless steel)
Pole Diameter
45 mm, 51 mm
Ceiling Height
450 cm (3x150 cm)
Senza vincoli al soffitto
Pole use
Static and spinning Pole with QuickSpin
QuickSpin System
3 pieces
Suitable to Pole&Silk kit
22 Kg


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